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Microsoft 365 is a full suite of productivity tools, now bundled together and priced attractively to ensure that all SMBs can simplify their internal processes, boost their productivity, and protect their valuable data against cybercriminals. With the latest collaborative solution offered by TTBS and Microsoft, SMBs can now:

  • Enable a hybrid work environment without compromising security, efficiency, and speed.
  • Stay connected in real-time across multiple tools and applications.
  • Foster increased synergy amongst teams between different departments and locations.


Central digital hub for teams

Central digital hub for teams

Frictionless communications amongst teams.

With Microsoft teams, SMBs can now have a dedicated space for communicating, organising, and managing work-related matters on a dedicated instant messaging platform with seamless integrations with Microsoft ecosystem.

Hassle-free content management

Hassle-free content management

Unify documents and files across your company.

SharePoint, a unique offering by Microsoft, enables SMBs to do away with physical copies of documents and store them digitally. With advanced access controls, SMBs can decide the terms of access for multiple departments with no more than few clicks.

Turbocharged enterprise-grade netwoking

Turbocharged enterprise-grade netwoking

Foster a space for meaningful professional interaction.

SMBs can now create their very own internal social network with Microsoft's Yammer, thereby enabling richer exchanges between employees who may be operating in different teams and different locations.

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Easy access

Easy to Scale

Easy to protect & secure

One-stop easy cloud connection solution

99.5% SLA


  • Covers every use case you would need and eliminates the need to maintain and manage different subscriptions to different services
  • Enables work from any device without compromising on efficiency, speed or security
  • Secures vital business information from potential leaks and defend your digital infrastructure from cyber threats
  • Allows you to connect and plan like never before with cross-collaboration across the entire application suite
  • Brings your entire business under one digital roof that provides a uniform experience for every team member
  • Empowers real-time connectivity experience