Rise Odisha Summit 1.0

26th, July, 2024

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As the 16th largest economy in India, the state of Odisha is marching ahead in the country by creating innovation, center of excellence and creation of ecosystem in every industry segment. Specially in the ICT sector, the state has alreay brought in a comprehensive IT policy on 2022. The vision of this policy is to transform Odisha into a leading destination for Information Technology in the country and position it prominently on the global map as a preferred IT outsourcing destination along with the quantum increase in the creation of employment opportunities thereby contributing significantly to growth and development. The IT policy 2022 defines clear objective of creating employment opportunity for 1 lakh people directly and indirectly in the IT sector. The policy has set a goal of Skilling 10,000 professionals and achieving 10,000 crores of gross IT revenue per Annum including IT exports & domestic sales. Therefore the event “RISE ODISHA“ envisions to facilitate ecosystem building opportunity and enabling the like minded people and thought leaders to deleberate on all important topics that can further enhance the core objective of the state. The event envisions to connect, collaborate and understand the vision of the State and find limitless possibilities for the ecosystem by deliberating with the policy makers, thought leaders, experts, visionaries, academia, CXOs and partner ecosystem on how the transformative power of technol- ogy can revolutionize growth and strengthen collaboration in future. The event would also help embark on the journey to listen to the extraordinary individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have not only pushed the boundaries of what’s possible but have also harnessed the power of innovation through groundbreaking technological advancements. The mission is clear: to shine a spotlight on these remarkable endeavours, ignite inspiration within the next generation of change-makers, and encourage them to leverage the force of innovation for the betterment of all.


2:00 PM Registration and Networking Tea
2:30 PM Opening address and Welcoming Guests
2:45 PM Welcome and Lighting of Ceremonial Lamp
3:00 PM Keynote Address by Guest of honour on “Navigating the Horizon: A Deep Dive into Government of Odisha’s Vision for Innovation, Re-shaping Technology Adoption, and Future growth plan with a Societal Impact”.
3:20 PM CXO talk on Architecting Innovation “Visionary roadmap through Emerging Technologies and Enterprise Strategies”.
3:40 PM Break for 10 minutes
3:50 PM Talk on Healthcare Transformation Future emerging Trends
4:10 PM A perspective on the Evolution of Wireless Technology from 5G to 6G
4:30 PM C-Suite Panel Discussion on “Navigating Industry Evolution through AI, Technology Trends, and Growth Opportunities”
5:00 PM Break: Tea break and opportunities for informal networking
5:30 PM CISO perspective on “Securing Tomorrow: Unveiling the Significance of Investments in Threat Intelligence, XDR, and SIEM for Government & Industry”.
5:50 PM Fireside Chat Topic: “Igniting Progress: Skilling, IT Knowledge Hubs, and Making Odisha a Glob AI Brand” Making Odisha a Glob al Brand”.
6:20 PM Vendor Presentation on Video Conferencing and Realtime Collaboration
6:35 PM Talk on Prison Transformation and how to enhance prisoner care and improved outcomes.
6:50 PM Vendor Presentation on Future emerging Trends
7:10 PM Vendor Presentation on Cutting-Edge Business Cases
7:25 PM Talk on Making Odisha a contact centre hub
7:50 PM Talk on Digital Transformation in Police Department
8:15 PM Closing Keynote
8:30 PM Photo Session Followed by Dinner

Our Speakers

Shri. Manas Panda

Special Secretary to Government, E&IT Department, Government of Odisha & Managing Director, OCAC

Shri. Manoj Kumar Mishra

Pr. Secretary, Electronics & IT, Govt of Odisha and Chairman, OCAC

Shri. Sandip Kumar Panda

Co-Founder & CEO, Instasafe

Sri. Sanjay Mohapatra

Editor, Accent Info Media Group

Dipti Panda

Founder & Director, Innocresta Consulting and Associate Member - TIE, Bhubaneswar

Deepak Panda


Parthasarathi Mishra

Board Member, Amnaya Corporation US

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